I'm such a silly fangirl, you'd never guess I'm an adult. But I am, and I adore everything Disney - especially Toy Story (Buzz and Jessie! ♥) and Disney World vacations.

I also love to write - you can find my Toy story fanfics on fanfiction.net!

Yodelin' Cowgirl

Jessie never gives up. Jessie finds a way!

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    Buzz will have to stop Zurg before that happens! You never know it might be available for PC and consoles. We’ll have to...
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    And Zurg destroys planets. And I hope it’s not just a mobile game.
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    Yeah, the WIR wii game had some of the cutest moments with Felix and Calhoun. They would deserve some too!
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    Jessie better be in it… either way, I’ll probably be getting it. :)
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